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S3 Performance Training offers online training and nutrition programs for adults. You will work 1 on 1 with one of our certified trainers. We understand it can be challenging to reach your health and fitness goals on your own and meeting with a trainer in person twice a week won't always get you there. That's why we're happy to provide you with our elite online training and nutrition services. Whether you're ready to dive right in or just want more information, apply below and one of our coaches will reach out to you within a few hours. 

Deluxe Coaching

This combines our nutrition and training services to give you a fully customized plan. You will have 24/7 access to your coach, weekly check ins, and monthly phone consults. 

Nutrition Only

Our nutrition only coaching comes with a customized plan based on your goals. You will have bi-weekly check ins, monthly phone consults, and 24/7 communication access.

Training Only

Receive a customized training plan based on your goals, abilities, and preferences. This comes with bi-weekly check ins, phone consults, and 24/7 communication access.

Beginner's Guide

Receive this 49-page PDF that comes with information on creating your workout schedule, pre/post workout meals, common training terms, and more!

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