S3 Performance Training offers a wide variety of youth and adult services including personal training, small group training, large group training and off site training.  We will work with you or your team to reach your goals and beat the competition!


Designed for up to 4 athletes per group, SGT is our most popular training option.  Reach new levels of performance with excellent coaching, combined with competition and additional motivation from your group members.  Coed groups allowed.  


Single Session Pricing:

$35/athlete per 1-hour session when purchased individually

Monthly SGT Discounted Packages:

Hourly Sessions (:60 minutes)

Maintenance Package - $120 for 4 each :60 minute sessions, valid for 30 days

Standard Package - $200 for 8 each :60 minute sessions, valid for 45 days

Elite Package - $270 for 12 each :60 minute sessions, valid for 60 days  BEST VALUE


10% OFF any package with a 24 session commitment

*Sessions expire 30-60 days after first session is completed.  Some exceptions allowed due to prolonged illness or injury.  Ask one of our Coaches for complete details.


Private personal training with ultimate accountability for 1 athlete looking for maximum results under the watchful eye of a professional trainer.  Expect the utmost safety and strictest technical form during all training sessions.  Ideal for current college athletes or those aspiring to play competitive college athletics.  

Single Session Pricing: 

$60 per 1-hour session when purchased individually

Private One-on-One Discounted Packages:

Hourly Sessions (:60 minutes)

$220 for 4 each :60 minute sessions, valid for 30 days, recommended in-season only

$400 for 8 each :60 minute sessions, valid for 45 days

$540 for 12 each :60 minute sessions, valid for 60 days BEST VALUE, BEST RESULTS

10% OFF any package with a 24 session commitment

*Sessions expire 30-60 days after first session is completed.  Some exceptions allowed due to prolonged illness or injury.  Ask one of our Coaches for complete details.

           LARGE GROUP TRAINING - Onsite indoor/outdoor facilities

Designed for groups of 10 or more individual athletes or an organized team.  A great value for players, coaches, and parents looking to build team chemistry and results. This combination of strength, speed, and stamina training will help improve game performance, reduce the risk of injury, and potentially shorten rehab time for athletes that sustain injury.

Package Pricing:

​$20/athlete per :90 minute session (Summer Performance Camp)

$15/athlete per :60 minute session

(Teams over 20, please contact us for a proposal)

5-week Package:

Summer Performance Camp, 2 sessions per week - $200 for 10 each :90 minute sessions

*2020 Summer Performance Camp Sessions will begin registrations March 2020.  Contact us to include your son or daughter's name on our Early Bird List, SPOTS ARE LIMITED.

           OFF-SITE TRAINING - We will come to you!


Are you a coach looking to give your team an edge over the competition?  Do you want your team to improve their strength, speed, and stamina?  S3 MOBILE Performance Training will come to you!  We have a trailer packed with all the latest equipment to turn your practice into a legitamate performance training session.  Our trainers will develop sports specific programs to take your team to the next level.  

*Minimum group size is 10.  Call for pricing.  There is a $25 trip charge for each session.


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