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Get to Know
S3 Performance Training

S3 Performance Training is headquartered within Heritage Hills Athletic Arena in York, Pennsylvania. S3 Performance Training offers onsite training in the club, and offsite mobile training solutions for youth and adults teams.  


Whether you need strength training, speed training, stamina training, or nutritional coaching, S3 Performance will help you reach your potential, reduce your risk of injury, and help expedite your recovery.

Our Performance Coaches are professionals who have extensive experience and certifications in the health & fitness fields.  Our staff stays updated on the latest research, techniques, and safety standards.  Most of our staff are still active sports team coaches, so we understand the demands of designing sports specific programs for a team, group, or individual athlete. 


​If you are serious about improving your performance, gaining an edge, being better tomorrow than today, then S3 Performance Training is the right partner for you!

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