Feedback from current and previous athletes and their parents.  

During the fall of 2015 my 14 year old son suffered a dislocated fracture of his Tibia & Fibula with fairly serious nerve damage playing Lacrosse…a sport he loves.  The bones healed but the muscle atrophy, learning to run again and gaining the confidence and strength remained.  My son was determined to play the upcoming spring season and that’s where the team at S3 Anytime Fitness stepped up to help make that happen.  Matt Plowman and John Terpak took the time to evaluate my son and design a program to meet his needs and accelerate his recovery.   Thanks to their careful planning a personal attention he was cleared to play in time for the first week of spring practices. 


Since then, my (now) 15 year old son and 13 year old daughter have continued to work with Matt.  He has a special talent to communicate with these kids and he gets them to push themselves to be the best they can be.  I have never had to push my kids to work-outs…they love it and look forward to every session. It is apparent that Matt and John are totally invested in the success of their (clients, students, athletes).

Mark H.

Father of two Red Lion Student Athletes

Following ACL surgery and rehab, my son was in need of personal training to prepare him for his return to playing lacrosse.  We sampled other programs/trainers prior to visiting S3 Performance Training.   Unlike the "cookie cutter" approach of others, Coach Matt took the time to evaluate my son and design a program which met his specific needs.  My 15 yr old son thinks Coach Matt is a "cool guy" and appreciates the challenging nature of his individual and group sessions. I'd highly recommend S3 Performance Training based on their commitment to intelligent, goal oriented training and their ability to keep it fun while getting results.

Marc S.

Father of Central Athlete Returning from ACL Surgery

My son Jake has been blessed with size, speed, and strength (3S's or S3) thus naturally he has gravitated toward sports.  As luck would have it we came across S3 Performance Training over a year ago, and their advanced training methods have elevated my son’s performance to new heights.  Coach Matt took the time to evaluate Jake with a FMS screening, and then put a comprehensive plan in place to improve upon Jake's strengths, correct his weaknesses, and develop his overall core.  At 13 Jake is playing football and elite travel lacrosse with kids that are in some cases 2-3 years older.  He is physically dominant; proving the S3 training he gets is already paying dividends.  Jake looks forward to going to his workouts because Coach Matt keeps the workouts fun and challenging, while developing his core strength and providing the corrective exercises needed to keep Jake ahead of the competition.  The entire staff at S3 is extremely knowledgeable in the realm of performance training, and they’re friendly and caring as well. If you have an aspiring athlete who wants to elevate their game, I strongly urge you to come speak with S3 Performance Training.  I guarantee you will see outstanding results, just like we have.

Jeff B.

Father of Red Lion Standout Football & Lacrosse Athlete

While training with my S3 Performance Coach, he put me through a Functional Movement Screen (FMS) that helped me identify imbalances in my strength and movement patterns.  I was able to apply what I learned to my overall training, which improved my competition scores.  I am proud to say I recently committed to a full D1 athletic scholarship for gymnastics.  Thank you S3!

Jackie T.

Central York 2018, Utah State Commit

Our partnership with S3 has been awesome!  S3 Coaches are mobile and come to our practice fields to work with our student athletes in large groups, in some cases up to 40 girls at one time.  The girls have fun during the workouts, our coaches pick up new drills for their practices, and our physical and mental performance on the field is improved.  I highly recommend S3 Performance Training for any competitive sports team looking for an effective group training solution.

Vince M.

Director Nemesis Girl's Lacrosse

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